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After the Internet blackout, she was spoiled by bigots

After the Internet blackout, she was spoiled by bigots

After the Internet blackout, she was spoiled by bigots

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    After the Internet blackout, she was spoiled by bigots
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    Jiumu yingying
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-07-13 08:15:26
[double birth, sick and charming + paranoia, love synthesis, salted fish man design] sick and charming fishing is a female love bean x paranoia< Br> Ji Hanyu, the president of ty group, who was mysterious, cold and decisive, never appeared in public. He even got married in secret and took part in the love affair. After that, he published his marriage certificate with AI Dou, a black woman in the whole network< Br> in the past, the black woman Aidou Zhanyu of the whole network used to be the top class in H country, with superior strength and more than 100 million fans. However, her reputation has plummeted in just three years after her return to the country, and she has been hacked wherever she goes< Br> it is said that Ji Han wants to be evil and cold, which makes people scared. However, people don't know that he is willing to paint the ground as a prison because of his love behind his back. He is willing to keep himself in a water prison for five years, just to make Zhan Yu look at him more< Br> but in exchange for Zhan Yu's disgusted eyes and words, "disgusting."< Br> after years of obedience, he suddenly burst out. He pressed her in a corner with a hoarse voice and red eyes. "Yu Yu, it was you who taught me this way. You can't stop me... Marry me..." Zhan Yu sneered, "well, I'll marry you and let you watch me destroy the Ji family."< Br>-- in order to provoke Ji Han's desire, Zhan Yu started a fancy death< Br> then go to a blind date first, and then join a love affair< Br> but who can tell her why there is a real husband hidden in the love complex< Br> she just wants to be a salted fish. Why is she always the first in the hot search< Br> -- recapture the memory of Zhan Yu< Br> attitude is reversed< Br> when you see someone, you say, "how do you know that Ji Hanyu is my husband?"< Br> Ji Han wants to panic. Is this still his wife who willfully acts against him everywhere?