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Time and sea

Time and sea

Time and sea

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    Time and sea
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    Summer has deep eyes
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-24 04:45:10
The South China Sea mackerel people lived in the depths of the South China Sea, and there were few records of them. Only a word and phrase in ancient books introduced that that year, the mackerel Princess danced nishang and fell in love with the prince of mankind, but did not want to be an outright trap. All the mackerel people were arrested, brutally killed and tortured, and the vast South China Sea was stained with blood overnight GU Qingxin, the son of the clan, was kind-hearted. He couldn't bear to see the mackerel family destroyed by this disaster. He risked his life and came out of the dream of the little mackerel who was still a child at that time. He hid in the jar and took good care of her. He risked his life many times and took her away from the world go against the sky and make a life and death contract with her. Life is connected. The life span of human beings is only a hundred years. Although the mackerel cannot live forever, there is also a time to leave the West. Gu Qing doesn't want to leave her fish alone. Facing the dangerous world, he agrees to the clan marriage. After marrying indifferently, he gives the contract to his newly born son since then, mengwupei has protected Gu's children and grandchildren from generation to generation. It has gone through the change of time and time until today with the rapid development of information technology "like a dream order, I should call you no dream. You have lived in the world for more than 1000 years and seem to become a demigod. I just came here today to give you two ways: one is to abandon the past and enter reincarnation; the other is to avoid the world and become an immortal." "I..." that day, MengWu had human legs, came to the nursery and looked at the newly born family offspring from a distance through the glass "I can feel his fresh life. He is the most like him I have ever seen." "no dream"