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Xiuxian: ha ha, chicken soup is coming

Xiuxian: ha ha, chicken soup is coming

Xiuxian: ha ha, chicken soup is coming

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    Xiuxian: ha ha, chicken soup is coming
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    A gentleman is immortal
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    Happy Read
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Yi Zhiji didn't expect to cross one day, and the species is not human in particular, one of her big girls, Huang Hua, passed through and became a broiler. She was raised white and fat. The knife had been ground and the water had been boiled, waiting for her to wash it and put it into the pot chicken life is over [di, your system No. 233 has been launched.] the dawn of hope appears again [please select the task mode: 1. Cut chicken in white, 2. Call flower chicken, 3. Chicken soup] the dawn is out again Yi Zhiji: choose the shortest from three long and one short. As a chicken, Yi Zhiji has started the road of filling people with chicken soup. Let me save your fallen and dark life! Ha ha ha ha ha stop, don't run! If you don't eat this chicken soup, you just look down on my Yi chicken!

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