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Movie queen and her loyal dog Knight

Movie queen and her loyal dog Knight

Movie queen and her loyal dog Knight

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    Movie queen and her loyal dog Knight
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    It's a lantern orange
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2022-07-14 17:38:13
After the child star Zhou Tong got the last gold and became the youngest three gold film in the entertainment industry, she should have naturally started "wanton life", but the next day she was exposed to a shocking scandal. Uncontrollable public opinion and one after another "real hammer" just smashed the newcomer to the altar to the ground, and the last "withdrawal announcement" pushed Zhou Tong to the forefront of the storm again two years later, there were a large number of new people in the entertainment industry. When the name "Zhou Tong" was almost forgotten by everyone, a group photo of new graduate students was inadvertently released and disappeared under the operation of intentional people another two years later, the name "Zhou Tong" was brought up again, but it was a hot search with "explosion" added to the title. The entry "Zhou Tong Song Qing" occupied the first place in the hot search for 73 hours. Thanks to the hot traffic brought by Song Qing, the two people were picked up by contemporary detective netizens. Zhou Tong, who was oppressed and retreated in the circle, finally settled his grievance and got snow, Song Qing's secret love for Zhou Tong, which had been hidden since he was a child, was also turned out loyal Knights guard the princess in obscurity. This damn beautiful love.

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