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The general s wife is a little sweet

The general s wife is a little sweet

The general s wife is a little sweet

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    The general s wife is a little sweet
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His father is the first military general of the Dynasty and the only king with a different surname. He is a young general who is highly valued in the dynasty. Her father is the Prime Minister of the dynasty, her sister is the crown princess, and she is a talented woman famous in Kyoto. The people seeking to marry almost broke the threshold. So they should have been a match made in heaven, However, the whole court and even the three-year-old children know that their fathers don't see each other well. They have been fighting for many years. How can they get married? But it is for this reason that your majesty is determined to marry them. They have to be fighting with Chinese military officials. A farcical marriage that has caused a sensation all over the country has begun

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